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My Story

Fun fact: Being intuitive has really turned me into a great copywriter ... want to know why?


Well, the biggest thing is I have the natural ability to connect with your audience & to understand them on a deeper level.

 It's just always been natural for me ... to know what others are feeling before they even speak, to know just what to say to make them feel better (even though they had no clue that I knew they needed to hear it!)

​Here's the thing ... I have a strong sense of empathy. I'm highly in tune with other people's emotions.

How in the world does this benefit YOU?! Well, to have effective content, you need to FEEL and put yourself in your audience's shoes. Not everyone has that natural ability, and that's okay! That's why I'm here.


With this gift of heightened intuition, I get to help people in general, PLUS help businesses - like yours - deliver messages naturally.

Are you ready? To align with your IDEAL audience. Don't just throw content out there and hope for the best .... that doesn't even work.

Let's work together to give your audience the content they WANT, the content they can RELATE to. You in?

They say to "niche down", but I can't.
I LOVE the diversity of my clients' niches and types of digital marketing content.

Can you blame me? Here are just a few of the areas I have experience in:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is hands-down VITAL for building customer loyalty, retention, and keeping your audience engaged.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are genius because your audience is already sitting down scrolling; you're just putting your ad in front of them. Ads are always handy if you can align them properly with the perfect audience. Ads are an ideal way to bring in some new followers or make some sales!

Other Copywriting

Website content, landing pages/sales pages, press releases, brochures, and more are also ideal for most brands. The goal is to have a strategy in place.

Blogs & Articles

Don't underestimate the power of blogs and articles. Blogs are versatile. You can put some natural SEO throughout, boost your Google search placement, and get featured on well-known websites. Of course, quality trumps everything else. 

80% of companies that acquired new customers consistently publish blogs.


Jeff Baxter - Teaches social media marketing agency building @ Success With Jeff Baxter

"Heather is absolutely phenomenal! Her emails alone have generated us tens of thousands of dollars in sales and counting. She gets two thumbs up from me!"- Jeff Baxter